Friday, 8 July 2011

So NoW The Politicians Direct Their Anger At The PCC!

Rebekah BrooksIN THE FAST MOVING SAGA that has led News International to close its most profitable title, the News Of The World, this weekend, Britain’s political elite – as usual – has chosen to blame the messenger for its own incompetence and innate corruption.

First, it was the Telegraph that exposed the MP’s expenses scandal, which was berated for daring to publish the full extent to which many went to feather their own nests at public expense – and then, while the new influx of MPs in May’s general election quietly went about dismantling newly introduced rules to ensure proper accountability, it was the Guardian whose investigative pieces regarding the cosy relationship between Murdoch’s News International and the coalition government became the target of politicians’ scorn.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Photography Or Fraud?

OriginalI AM OFTEN ASKED why I use a hyphen when describing myself as a photo-journalist, rather than just combining the two words into one; but the answer itself lies in the hyphen. I consider myself a journalist – who just happens to carry a camera.

Early on in my freelance career, I found that it was much easier to sell a feature accompanied by suitable photographic coverage than it was to sell copy alone. (And it also pays more in the process).

My decision to combine both skills, which is now very fashionable in the freelance market, did not particularly endear me to the UK. My NUJ application was turned down because I was not a full-time journalist – and they also explained I could not be admitted because I was not a full-time press photographer either.

I am told that the NUJ’s rules are now less stringent and more freelance friendly; but I have never reapplied given that union’s militant stance over Wapping.