Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Stunning Photographs Do Not Depend Upon The Subject –They Depend Upon The Light

Must not feed the trollsEARLIER THIS MONTH I found myself sympathising with Scott Bourne as he explained to his Blog’s readers why he had taken the decision to remove EXIF data from the photographs he published. Like Scott, I too have received my share of comments from those expecting to reproduce my photographs by simply visiting the location and dialling-in the settings used for my own exposure in their cameras!

One thing that you quickly learn from setting-up your own Blog is that it will inevitably attract comments from trolls whom have such a low opinion of themselves that they redirect their anger and stupidity upon anyone challenging their preconceived ideas or self-image.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Should Have Used A Polariser? Maybe…

Unpolarised WavesSOME OF THE MOST DISAPPOINTING PHOTOGRAPHS to be found on the Web are those depicting the seaside. Like the original photograph, inset here, the combination of sun and sea forms a moist atmosphere containing millions of tiny water droplets that reflect the light in all directions. The effect is even more pronounced when you try to capture the foam produced by breakers, which toss many more droplets into the air and bleed the frame of colour.

The standard solution is to use a polarising filter to cut-out all the unwanted reflections in the scene and recover the natural colours; but it is those sparkling highlights that often give the image life.