Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Last Chance To Capture Those Empty Urban Landscapes?

Urban DawnJUNE AND JULY, this year, could be the last chance for British photographers to capture those peaceful urban landscape shots that are devoid of human presence.

If the Coalition Government has its way, British Summer Time will move forward another hour and the spectre of early morning commuters, joggers, and newsagents opening their premises will, in future, spoil the frame. This summer may be the last opportunity we photographers have to capture images like the one inset here.

The urban British sunrise might never be the same again – and the afternoons are going to be equally difficult to cope with: the sun will be at its height at 2:00pm, so that flattering sidelight that we all wish to use, which occurs around three hours later, will precisely coincide with the start of the evening rush-hour.

If you have not already fine-tuned your Photoshop skills: now is the time to do so. Multiple tripod shots assisted by a clear blue sky will be needed to reproduce what are now common still images.

Film-makers will feel the most adverse impact as crowds of unpaid extras begin to dominate their daylight scenes.

I wish there was an upside for British photographers; but there is not. If the Coalition has their way: we will just have to contend with the public getting in the way of our shots – and rely on modern software to re-touch our commercial images.

Things could be worse. Can you imagine the problems we might have had if we were all dependent on traditional darkrooms?

Fortunately, all cameras can now lie - convincingly…

… (Mail On Sunday, 27/02/2011) - VT-Day: For you, time traitors, the war is over – Mail on Sunday triumphs in its campaign to prevent Berlin Time being imposed on Britain

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