Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Last Chance To Capture Those Empty Urban Landscapes?

Urban DawnJUNE AND JULY, this year, could be the last chance for British photographers to capture those peaceful urban landscape shots that are devoid of human presence.

If the Coalition Government has its way, British Summer Time will move forward another hour and the spectre of early morning commuters, joggers, and newsagents opening their premises will, in future, spoil the frame. This summer may be the last opportunity we photographers have to capture images like the one inset here.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Bloggers Huff And Puff Over Arianna’s Millions

HuffPo Front PageTHE NEWS that Arianna Huffington will be pocketing around $100 million from the $315 million that AOL will be paying for her news aggregation site, the Huffington Post, will be accompanied by some resentment from the Bloggers whose free labour has served to create her financial fortune. Nevertheless, it is difficult to find much sympathy for those whom place so little value upon their work.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Facebook Traffic: Is The Effort Worth It?

FacebookTO BE HONEST, I have not paid too much attention to those individual visitors arriving at the Canvey Beat from Facebook; because I just look upon the social media site as another way of supplementing the former’s RSS facility. Facebook users, I reasoned, may wish to have updates posted on their individual Walls, rather than subscribe to an RSS feed – and the main reason I added the ‘Recommended On Facebook’ plug-in was to obtain some idea of what posts Facebook users were sharing.

Upon further examination, however, it is interesting to note that Facebook users do not interact, with the Canvey Beat Blog, like its regular guests in any way.