Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The Brief Sojourn Is Over

BirthdayAS JANUARY COMES TO AN END, and I prepare to mark my 60th birthday next month, I am again preparing to put the Canvey Beat into cold storage.
Canvey Island’s political news is becoming so repetitive that I am beginning to find the process of writing it up quite boring.
The same old people make the same tired statements, and the local Echo publishes the same staid pieces, which invite the same groaning responses.
The whirlpool that is the island’s political ‘news’ threatens to drag me under.
The Canvey Island Independent Party has weeded its sites of all opposing remarks and has returned to patting itself on the back with comments from its own councillors – in preparation for May’s local elections. And, this year, the party is steering clear of replying to any of the Canvey Beat’s posts for fear of losing voters.
I have published all there is to say – and there is no point in repeating myself.
The Canvey Beat will publish profiles of the island’s Town Council wards to be contested this year; hold its promised debates with prospective independent and party candidates – and then provide results of the local elections.
If islanders return the same old faces to represent them in Canvey’s local political offices, in May, then my attempts at political Blogging will have been a dismal failure; but, no matter. Democracy will have at least been served – and the people will get what they wish for.
Meanwhile, I am going to turn my attention to supplementing my photographic stock – and perhaps publishing further posts, here, on photographic issues. I am also guilty of letting the British Chronicle stagnate – and that is something I need to attend to.
Time to throw my go-bag and camera equipment into the Mazda’s boot – and drive-off in search of some interesting, out-of-the-way places offering good feature material. (And time to put that 85mm Micro Nikkor lens, which my girlfriend gave me for Christmas, through its promising paces)..

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