Thursday, 4 November 2010

Another Move To BlogSpot

MY REGULAR READERS will not be surprised to find that I have moved my personal Blog from WordPress to BlogSpot. Although I first encountered some formatting problems here when I first moved the Canvey Beat, they have all since been rectified – and posting to BlogSpot sites is much quicker.

It no longer makes sense to continue a WordPress presence, which does not permit Google AdSense advertising by its authors – and has now removed the ability to host JavaScript.

BlogSpot has no such restrictions, and its recent addition of detailed statistics to compete with similar facilities offered by WordPress has made my decision much easier.

As a lone Blogger, choosing to host one’s output on BlogSpot makes perfect sense. There are fewer site templates to choose from; but those on offer can be configured to provide a range of layouts, which is not the case with WordPress. What BlogSpot loses in limited designs is more than made-up for in providing increased flexibility in its offerings.

Neither provider, it must be said, provides a ‘magazine’ style template in which the home page can be split into columns and the leading paragraph of the latest post spread across them in leader style. If your Blog is a co-operative effort, or you are covering different stories on a daily basis: you should probably invest in your own domain and install WordPress to take advantage of third-party templates that provide such features. If you want a newspaper style for your Blog: that would be the best way to go.

For my part though, hosting with BlogSpot has a distinct advantage. It is free – and any money earned from site advertising is mine. I do not have to worry about renewing domain names; upgrading my server packages or employing someone to sort out any associated problems. I can just concentrate on researching and writing an article – just as I normally do. The only difference in my workflow is that, instead of Microsoft Word, I use Windows Live Writer to type-up my reports instead.

Authoring the Canvey Beat has been fun; but I regret that I have not been able to devote much time to it. I took the easy way out, asked its early readers what they wished me to cover, and then spent my time doing just that. It is possible I might have increased its readership base had I also covered local sport and community matters; but it was never my intention to compete with the local press.

I now find myself somewhat restricted by just authoring the Canvey Beat and my personal Blog. I am limited by the former’s geographic area, and the latter’s diary-type content. I do not have an outlet for those other stories I often come across on my travels.

What I need (dare I admit it?) is another Blog!

After a great deal of humming and hahring, I finally settled on the rather pretentious title of the British Chronicle for my new offering. I hope it will eventually live up to its name by providing some useful travel features, comment, and news stories from around the UK.

As I have done with the Canvey Beat, I will report its progress (or otherwise) here, in due course.

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