Saturday, 5 May 2018

The Ancient Art of Prophecy - Fiction or Fact?

AS WE HURTLE towards completing the Pentacle's third leg on 5th October 2018, it seems increasingly obvious that all its predictions are becoming true - upon an English 'macro' level, and also at the 'micro' levels of those individuals influenced by the cycle.

England Winter Solstice 21/12/2013 (Stonehenge epicentre)
It is particularly interesting to note how, since the cycle began on the 2013 Winter Solstice, it's 'spirit' has accurately encapsulated that of the English people and their division between wishing to remain, or leave, the European Union; but of special note is the current leg of Piscean corruption directed at October's Libra destination (accurately reflected in the UK Government's Brexit negotiations and the Skripal and Douma affairs).

Few anticipated that the Leave campaign would win the Brexit referendum, and few would have predicted such a small majority - but the Pentacle accurately predicted both. Moreover, few would have believed that a UK government could ever contemplate restricting free-speech, engage in old-style Soviet Propaganda, or actively manufacture and disseminate Fake News about the activities of the new Russian Federation as a means of scaring voters away from their Brexit decision. Such political corruption could not be imagined; but the Pentacle accurately predicted it nonetheless (with the overt corruption appearing just when it said it would - between 4th March 2017 and 5th October this year). The dates are important to note, because it is that feature which sets the Druid Science apart from all other attempts at prophecy. It does not just reveal the dominant forces that will surface at a specific geographic location - it reveals just when, and for how long, each of those forces will occur. Furthermore, it also reveals just what - and who - will be most affected (providing an early warning system for those with the skill to interpret its wisdom accurately).

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

As Above, So Below: Your Questions Answered

NUMEROUS Blood and the Holy Grail readers have posed the following questions; so, for the benefit of others tempted to ask the same, I provide their answers here.

Q1: "Why did you not provide more detail regarding the effects of the 2013 Winter cycle?"

A1: In brief: because I wanted to keep it simple; but another reason was to avoid the allegation of having waited until 2017 before publishing the work in order to pass-off what had actually occurred in the previous four years as a prediction. Also, as the dialogue makes clear, the predictions are made for the Stonehenge region, and just how far those ripples extend from that epicentre is open to question. All I could discover was that they extend furthest in Summer and least in Winter (according to the 'weight' of Air). Moreover, as the dialogue also makes clear, in order to predict the future: you need to be fully conversant with the past 'tides' - since it is they that will be primarily effected.

As I write this, 5 days of snow from the Beast of the East is now just a memory; but if you had chosen to predict the weather on this day some months or even years ago: you would totally miss the impact of the melt, black ice, and subsequent flooding that your observations were opposing or enhancing. Remember: it is the past that determines the future, which restricts what can happen in the now.

Saturday, 17 February 2018

666 Explained and Revelation Unveiled

SO, THERE IT IS. A complete explanation of the Ancient Druid Science that forms the basis of Judeo-Christianity, and the way in which the Romans purposely corrupted its teachings by banning the language in which they were written; ruthlessly persecuting those who taught them; and slyly reinterpreting the ancient knowledge to form a perverted religion in the shape of the Roman Catholic Church.

It's all there.

The Truth will eventually out.

I've written many articles during my lifetime, conducted many investigations and dutifully illustrated most with my camera. Back in the day, I also wrote a book explaining how to parse user-input in real-time; implement multiple threads; and provide independent software windows by hacking the program's stack. (C User-Interface Library, from Sigma Press, was published the same month that Microsoft launched its first Windows Operating System - and soon went out-of-print). I am cursed with an all-consuming curiosity that leaves me excessively bored once it has been satisfied, and the main reason that Blood and the Holy Grail weighs 2lb 4ozs and runs to 692 pages of Times Roman 12-point is that I have no intention of writing a follow-up. (It would be pointless and not add to The Record in any meaningful way).

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Blood and the Holy Grail

YES, THERE IS A HOLY GRAIL, and it is the key to life that the Vatican has suppressed for over 2,000 years. It is the key to life that our Druid ancestors employed to create a disease-free society and beautiful, healthy, intelligent children by studying Creation’s Womb.

Yes, there is a Holy Grail, and it is the Cup of Life - providing humanity with the means to prophesy its future, and heal itself of all conflict and disease. It is the Holy Language of Creation, comprising the Names and Numbers of God in which the Attic Scriptures were written, and which were then corrupted and perverted by the Romans to form the basis of their Catholic creed.

Yes, there is a Holy Grail, and its main components were first published by the Christian Mystic, Arthur Edward Waite, as a fully illustrated Tarot Deck in 1909.

This is the book that the Pope and his inner circle of Catholic Globalists do not want you to read. It tells the true story of Christianity and how its followers were persecuted by the Roman Empire - and how the Roman State then set about perverting their teachings to create a diverse religion through which to establish a permanent world order through organised religious zealotry and fear. It reveals the truth about Christianity and the ancient Druid Science that forms the basis of the Jewish Scriptures; and, for the first time in over 2,000 years, provides full details of the Real Holy Grail that the Catholic Church has ruthlessly employed to manipulate Creation's forces for their own material ends.